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Financial services

 "The financial services industry is dynamic and ever changing. Market driven and extremely competitive, participants must continually adapt to remain profitable and relevant."  Paul Lutvey

The globalisation of fund flows combined with the diversification of products and access points has presented financial service providers with unprecedented challenges and opportunities for growth.

Increasingly sophisticated customers demand personal service as well as flexible and efficient systems from their deposit takers and credit providers, all with the assurance of secure banking.

Volatility in credit markets and tightening fiscal policies require funders to manage liquidity and capital pressures with rigour and expertise, all while meeting ever expanding corporate governance and prudential risk management requirements.

Financial intermediaries and financial advisors play an important role finding and serving customers and enhancing their confidence even in difficult conditions.

To successfully manage these elements, financial service providers need legal advisers who are as careful and responsive as they are in the development of their products and in the handling of their transactions.

Whether its banking & finance, corporate transactions, insolvencies or commercial law, we offer expert advice and comprehensive service across all aspects of the financial services industry.

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Gordon Perkins.

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